What We Do


We create and maintain strong relationships with commercial and Federal customers by bringing the right level of expertise and technology in a cost-effective manner utilizing industry best practices (ISO 9001:2015, ITIL, CMMI, and PMBOK). 我们努力保持对客户期望的理解, 我们为我们的交货感到自豪.

Fingerprinting Services Service Desk Operations 教育培训设计 Cyber Security Healthcare IM/IT Information Technology Ops Solution Engineering Strategic Business Supply Chain Mgmt & Logistics

Fingerprint Services


Creek Technologies Company offers electronic fingerprint services via Livescan equipment in accordance with Defense Security Service - Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (DSS SWFT) requirement as well as FBI and BCI (OHIO) fingerprint services as a WebCheck approved facility.

作为迈阿密山谷最具价值的指纹服务, 我们的三昇体育官方网站(FBI), BCI, and SWFT) provide an agile and flexible solution that allows your company and employees to receive an electronic fingerprint file from a third-party, WebCheck和FPCheck认可的供应商. We also provide mobile fingerprinting services within a 10-mile radius for customers with ten or more employees who require fingerprints.

我们现在提供在线预约安排-预约时间为周一至周五, 9:30am to 4:30pm. 我们建议您在预约时间前下载并填写申请表.

SWFT - $60 | FBI & BCI - $60 |仅FBI - $45 |仅BCI - $40 |提供10%的军事折扣

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Service Desk Operations


Our 24/7/365 Service Desk operations are delivered through a highly trained workforce certified in service provision; we utilize tools to provide efficient, 为所有客户提供高性价比的服务.

CreekTech Enterprise Service Desk Support – based on IT service management (ITSM) as defined by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) – is central to the IT services we provide. 我们的服务台技术人员是根据DoD 8570认证的.01-M requirements. We ensure reliability, availability, and continuity of IT services through process-driven approaches based on time-tested procedures targeted to each customer.

我们的IT服务台为管理的第1层到第3层支持提供中心三昇体育官网点. 这个单点解决了最低层次的问题, 同时,如果需要,保持对更多技术支持的三昇体育官网. CreekTech拥有将客户从传统的帮助台转变为集中式服务台的经验, 跨域标准化服务.

CreekTech provides simple and efficient resolution for a range of issues – from easy fixes like a forgotten password to complex issues that require a team-driven solution with suppliers.



Solutions meet requirements

Investment in talent management is expensive; guessing at what people need to produce future business capabilities costs even more. CreekTech的教育和培训支持解决方案结合了基于能力的能力评估方法. We apply a dynamic future capabilities architecture that changes as other key external and internal factors change so we can lead and inform the education and training requirement.

Performance Based Solutions

Creek Technologies provides education and training solutions that enable our clients to reach their organizational performance goals. 通过将组织核心任务映射到团队和个人的核心任务, Creek Technologies designs, develops, 并通过组织绩效评估提供高质量的教育和培训, not just course completion.

Creek Technologies通过采用以员工为中心的设计,帮助组织将学习带给人们, using design thinking, 建立一个新的学习体系. Creek Technologies及其团队成员提供IT, learning management, and business assessment tools and training you need to empower client management to smoothly transition to new tools and processes. The true power of CreekTech’ solutions comes from a learning architecture that creates organization’s ability to integrate education/training into the day-to-day processes and operations of the business, 改变人们互动和创造价值的方式.

Service Offerings

  • Strategy Development
  • 战略人力资本管理
  • Performance Management
  • 能力发展与管理
  • Learning Services
  • Workforce Planning
  • Learning and Development


鉴于不断发展的劳动力特点和首选的工作和学习方式, Creek Technologies的学习和发展解决方案包含了重要的元素——基于社会的学习, 24/7 access to learning, instructor-led engagement, 点对点在坡道上加速, blended classrooms, and virtual training.

克里克科技的人才管理学习设计将企业目标三昇体育官网起来, organizational work, department and group tasks, 而个别任务的学习目标和内容是完全透明和可理解的. 克里克科技的教育和培训解决方案从来不是“为培训而培训”.在所有的教学设计中,工作和学习是密不可分的. Contextualization-understanding, personalizing, 关联和管理内容比内容本身更重要.

Homeland Security Education

Creek Technologies delivers Homeland Security education supporting the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS). CHDS是美国国土安全研究生和高级管理人员教育的主要提供者.S. 国土安全部(DHS)联邦紧急事务管理局(FEMA). Together, DHS/FEMA and CHDS partner to develop and deliver homeland security programs across a wide spectrum of homeland security disciplines to federal, state, local, 领土和部落机构.

Creek Technologies is the prime contractor for CHDS responsible for delivering the Center’s homeland security education programs, 其中包括国土安全硕士学位, 国土安全先进思想(HSx), 紧急国土安全计划, 行政领袖课程(ELP), 流动教育队举办的高管教育研讨会, 大学与机构合作倡议(UAPI), 在线自学国土安全课程, 国土安全数字图书馆(HDSL)和国土安全事务期刊(HSAJ).

Areas of Impact

客户报告说,Creek Technologies的教育和培训解决方案改善了以下方面:

  • Corporate Learning Agility
  • Innovation
  • Employee Productivity
  • Employee Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Responsiveness
  • Lower Total Workforce Costs
  • Market Share
  • An Agile Workforce

Cyber Security


CreekTech确保企业和个人隐私, protection of data, 以及防止数据丢失的冗余. 我们的网络安全经验与不断增加的威胁和攻击概率保持同步.


  • 风险评估及管理
  • 采购管理支持
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Needs Assessment
  • Portfolio Management
  • Program Management Support
  • Vector Relational Modeling
  • War-gaming Simulations
  • 认证与认可(DIACAP和RMF)

Healthcare IM/IT


Creek Technologies offers solution-driven Healthcare IM/IT Support Services to DoD/VA hospitals and Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF), 通过实施任务和病人系统改善医疗保健服务. 我们提供网络运营, cyber security and IA, software development, 企业系统管理, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance, 数据分析和数据管理. We also support healthcare benefit programs and improve the quality and timeliness of healthcare services provided to public health and medical personnel worldwide.

Our solutions offer high-fidelity interactions among patients and their practitioners and preserve the integrity of payments made under Federal health entitlement programs. 我们的能力和基础设施支持卫生信息技术和信息学的各个方面, including the following:

  • 战略规划/咨询/投资组合管理(PfM)
  • 企业架构和虚拟桌面基础架构
  • 数据/系统整合、迁移和现代化
  • 准备及应变计划
  • “网络工程与系统管理”
  • 关键医疗保健系统的数据库支持(AHLTA、CHCS、ESSENTRIS)
  • Application Development
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service Operations (Medical Cell Technical Support providing Tier 1 through Tier 3 support using ITIL foundational processes)
  • 网络保护服务(防火墙、病毒、漏洞扫描和缓解、DIACAP)
  • 全套电信管理,包括电话系统,交换机,接线员应答系统

Information Technology Ops


我们为企业网络和电信服务提供的服务框架侧重于命令的关键要素, Control, 通讯及电脑(C4), 支持以网络为中心的企业解决方案的转型计划. 我们不断地分析和监视企业系统组件,并创建适应快速变化需求的系统. We employ a knowledge-centric service-delivery assurance methodology designed to increase availability of core IT services to enterprise users. Our methodology uses network and traffic simulations to identify performance and security issues across enterprise networks, 允许我们的工程师保护对任务连续性至关重要的企业系统和数据.


  • 基建运作及管理(管理资讯科技服务)
  • 外判及托管服务
  • 基础设施巩固和现代化
  • 广域网/城域网/局域网工程支持服务
  • 业务规划和灾难恢复的连续性
  • 虚拟桌面基础架构
  • 应用性能与网络管理
  • 应用程序和业务系统性能度量
  • 网络设计、实现和迁移
  • 网络监控和性能评估
  • 可扩展的多站点环境
  • 数据中心现代化和整合
  • 桌面支持服务/技术插入

CreekTech IT专业人员根据DoD 8570获得认证.01-M requirements.

Solution Engineering


Creek Technologies提供全方位的软件开发, systems engineering, 并为我们的客户提供一体化服务. CreekTech结合了创新技术和业务流程再造, 结合行业最佳实践, 交付安全可靠的企业解决方案,以满足各种业务应用程序和任务需求.

We deliver Massive Interoperability™ and integration of highly complex architecture and enterprise systems using Global Information Network Architecture (GINA™), which advances our customers’ legacy systems to improve their operational efficiency and increases returns on IT investments governed by portfolio management and ITIL service catalog disciplines. 我们的软件开发和系统工程服务包括:

  • 项目策划及管理(政策及程序发展)
  • 集成和互操作性使用GINA专有软件
  • COTS/GOTS集成、测试和评估
  • 敏捷和开源软件开发
  • 遗留系统集成和现代化
  • 面向对象的数据建模和定制API开发
  • 数据库设计和管理/企业门户实现
  • Data Warehousing/Mining
  • Software/Systems Development
  • 全系统生命周期开发和部署
  • 基于云的开发测试和质量保证
  • 信息共享与协作
  • 商业智能(BI)和数据分析
  • 使用COTS集成的ERP解决方案工程
  • 自定义应用程序和Web开发(SharePoint)
  • 企业应用和数据集成
  • 系统与网络集成

Strategic Business


Creek Technologies provides subject matter expertise in strategic and innovation technologies to assist DoD and Civilian Agencies, 和商业部门实现增长, 提高生产力和效率, and minimize cost. 我们通过关键能力领域来做到这一点:

  1. 企业项目规划、集成和管理
  2. 战略与转型规划
  3. 企业架构和集成


  • 集成的CIO管理支持
  • 采办和项目管理支持
  • 预算和财务管理支持
  • 业务流程再造(BPR)和业务流程改进
  • 业务转型规划
  • 业务需求评估和咨询服务
  • 体系结构框架和遵从性支持
  • Portfolio Management
  • 组织变革管理
  • 业务连续性(COOP)和风险评估/管理

Supply Chain Mgmt & Logistics


CreekTech provides critical service delivery for lifecycle Supply Chain Management (SCM) using cross-functional subject matter expertise in the procurement process, 为国防部客户生产和交付产品和服务.

我们使用统一的纪律来整合收购, supply, maintenance, 运输功能与物理, financial, information, 以结果为导向的方式,满足联合部队的物资需求. 我们帮助客户有效和高效地利用大型数据集, warehousing techniques, 以及供应链上下的库存可见性.

希腊工程师有效地利用了我们的知识, experience, 以及专业知识,使我们的客户能够根据实时数据制定完全明智的决策. Maintenance activities can be planned utilizing our supply dashboards to ensure parts are on hand for all maintenance activities.

  • 综合采办和项目管理支持
  • 绩效物流(PBL)
  • 预算和财务管理支持
  • 业务流程再造(BPR)和业务流程改进
  • 业务转型规划
  • 产品研发工程
  • 遗留SCM系统的集成(LIMS-EV)
  • 危险物质信息资源系统(HMIRS)集成与运行
  • 投资组合及资产管理
  • 配置/数据管理(CM/DM)支持
  • 供应链指标和平衡计分卡